Ditching dynamic blog engines.

This content is old, and possibly out of date.

A while back, I’d ditched WordPress in favor of Mephisto. I’d grown tired of constantly being under attack from spammers, and really disliked that it was one gigantic PHP app.

Once I was on Mephisto, I really liked the syntax highlighting I got with the Ultraviolet Gem, but it requires Oniguruma, which was a pain to setup on my shared host (they have since added it to their hosts). Life was good.

Except that it wasn’t. It was a little annoying how long it took pages to come up in the “cold cache” case, and I’d actually gotten a few complaints about that. After this, I decided that I was just going to do away with “dynamic blog engines” entirely. Read More ›
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Fixing the Oniguruma Gem for use on DreamHost

This content is old, and possibly out of date.

While looking at how to get syntax highlighted source back up on here after switching to Mephisto, I kept running across references to the Ultraviolet gem. Some of the dependencies are a little old (Oniguruma: Gem, Library), but the output looks very nice, from the examples I’d seen.

The problem comes in, that the Oniguruma gem won’t install without you already having the Oniguruma library installed (in a standard system location). This is a pretty well documented problem, with a simple fix. Read More ›
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Unhappy with the standard Rails Authorization plugins

This content is old, and possibly out of date.

Recently, I’ve decided to start learning Ruby on Rails (2.3.4). Things have been going along more-or-less smoothly (I’m still not sure whether or not I hate ActiveRecord, or can tolerate it, but that’s a post for another time.). That is, until I started looking into the various plugins/frameworks for doing Authorization in Rails. Read More ›
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