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Ditching dynamic blog engines.

This content is old, and possibly out of date.

A while back, I’d ditched WordPress in favor of Mephisto. I’d grown tired of constantly being under attack from spammers, and really disliked that it was one gigantic PHP app.

Once I was on Mephisto, I really liked the syntax highlighting I got with the Ultraviolet Gem, but it requires Oniguruma, which was a pain to setup on my shared host (they have since added it to their hosts). Life was good.

Except that it wasn’t. It was a little annoying how long it took pages to come up in the “cold cache” case, and I’d actually gotten a few complaints about that. After this, I decided that I was just going to do away with “dynamic blog engines” entirely. Read More ›

Helper script for creating posts with WWW::StaticBlog

There’s always another yak that needs shaving. Since creating posts with WWW::StaticBlog wasn’t fast enough for my tastes, I made a small script to make it even faster! Read More ›