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Fixing the Oniguruma Gem for use on DreamHost

This content is old, and possibly out of date.

While looking at how to get syntax highlighted source back up on here after switching to Mephisto, I kept running across references to the Ultraviolet gem. Some of the dependencies are a little old (Oniguruma: Gem, Library), but the output looks very nice, from the examples I’d seen.

The problem comes in, that the Oniguruma gem won’t install without you already having the Oniguruma library installed (in a standard system location). This is a pretty well documented problem, with a simple fix. Read More ›

Capistrano completion in zsh

I’ve decided to try out zsh for a while, and while I already get completions for most everything I want, out of the box, I am missing completions for Capistrano tasks.

I had been using brynary’s Bash Capistrano completion script. I was able to find a mailing list post about setting up Capistrano task completions for zsh, but it didn’t quite work for me. (show_tasks isn’t a valid task.) I also didn’t like throwing the .cap_tasks file in the top-level of the project. I already had a ~/.zsh_cache/ directory for caching zsh’s completions, so I decided to modify the script I found to put the cache file there, instead. Read More ›